Showcase of Wyman Houses Through out the

Greater New Orleans Area

Includes, Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany, St Charles and Plaquemines

Choose Your Builder Based On…
¨     Reputation
¨     Professionalism
¨     Warranty
¨     Experience
Why You Should Not Build Your Own Home?
¨     Expertise – It Is Harder Then It Looks
¨     Schedule-Heavy Time Commitment
¨     Connections – Subcontractor, Suppliers & Government Agencies
¨     Financing – Lenders Are Very Wary
¨     Warranty – There Is No Builders’ Warranty
How Does The Builder Earn His Fee?
¨     Experience – Mistakes Not Made
¨     Pricing – Subcontractors And Suppliers Discounts Are Passed On To Owner
¨     Supervision – Direct The Flow Of The Work
¨     Scheduling/Contacting – Subcontractors And Suppliers
¨     Administration – The Paperwork
¨     Government – Permits, Inspections And Utilities
Other Services Provided By Builder
¨     Insurance – Worker’s Compensation, General Liability & Builders Risk
¨     Protection From Cost Overruns/Price Increases/Shortages or Damaged Material
¨     Provide For Punch Out & Warranty Work
¨     Assistance & Corrections Of Plans Before & During Construction
¨     Assistance In Site Layout-Placement Of House On Lot
¨     Assistance In Selection Of Materials, Engineering Of Plans, Design Work, Decorating &               Drafting Of Specifications
¨     Prevention Of Costly Delays By Assuring Owner Has Material Selections Made In A Timely         Manner
¨     Guidance To Stay In Budget By Selecting Allowance Items Before Start Of Construction

W.L. Wyman Construction Co Inc & Wyman Homes, LLC

Wyman Homes, LLC is a design build company geared toward single-family homes with quality and affordability as its first priority.  The company was founded in the 1960's and has built over 500 homes in the New Orleans area with a price range from $120,000 to over $1,500,000.00.  we have been recognized as one of the top building companies in the New Orleans area.  The objective of Wyman Homes has always been that of our customers' trust and satisfaction.  Because of this, we have had a great response with second and third time buyers when upgrading their homes.  One of our greatest successes is being able to customize homes to our customer's final specifications and needs.

Give us a call and your dream home will come true.  We will build on your lot, or assist you in finding one.  We can build using your plans, or assist you in designing your home with the "personal touch" that fits your lifestyle.